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More than Just a Pet

A pet can add a great amount of love into your home. Choosing the right pet based on your finances and schedule is very important. There are many different pets to choose from including dogs, cats, lizards, fish and more. Pets can add emotional and physical benefits to your life. As a pet owner you must provide your pet with the proper nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and habitat. A pet offers unconditional companionship, making them a beloved member of the family.

Training Your Cat

Training your cat may seem like an uphill battle, but cats are actually quite intelligent and many are willing to please. One of the biggest concerns of anyone adopting a new cat is whether or not the cat is litter box trained. If you are keeping your cat indoors, litter box training is very important to help limit accidents. Litter box training can be fairly easy if you devote the right amount of time and practice patience. READ MORE

Thinking of Adopting a Pet?

Dog Adoption

When searching for your new dog, there are many areas you need to research, beginning with breed. You need to make sure that you choose a breed that fits your lifestyle, especially when it comes to time concerns, the amount of space you have, your schedule and budget. Adopting a dog is a beautiful way to give a dog a fresh new start as well as gain a new family member.

Cat Adoption

If you are planning on adopting a cat there are quite a few things that you should consider. You have to make sure that you can financially support the cat by providing food, litter, ongoing veterinary care (including spaying/neutering), possible surgeries, dental care, and vaccinations.