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There are a wide variety of cat breeds each with their own distinctive traits and physical characteristics. Cats have very strong hunting instincts, and have excellent vision, strong hearing and an acute sense of smell.  The average life expectancy for indoor cats is fourteen years, but many cats live past this with some living into their thirties. Cats are fairly easy to care, especially if they are given the proper vaccinations at a young age. It is also important to spay or neuter a domesticated cat in order to prevent feline overpopulation and unwanted litters. Cats’ personalities are all very different, with some being very sociable and others preferring to be solitary. Cats are also very clean animals, making it a top priority to clean their coat. Cats communicate to people usually through body language and vocalizations including purring, hissing and various forms of meowing. Cats are a fairly laid back pet that can become a great addition to one’s family.