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Cats - Breeds

American ShorthairAmerican

The history of the breed of the American cat is somewhat vague, but they are assumed to be from European domestic cats that were brought over by early settlers to protect their cargo from mice, rats and other small rodents. It is the eighth most popular breed of cat in the United States. Once these cats were ‘settled’ in North America, they were bred to have special traits and qualities for this environment. They are called mousers because they caught mice in ships, stores and homes. They are a very athletic cat with a powerfully built lean body. There are over 80 different recognized colors and patterns including calico, black, brown, grey and white. They were originally referred to as domestic cats, but the breed was renamed in 1966 as American to better refer to the American characteristics they had. They can have short or long hair and are generally very low maintenance and easy to care for. Females weigh 8 to 12 pounds and males weigh 11 to 15 pounds when fully mature. Full size is reached at age 3 to 4 years. They are a generally very healthy cat when cared for properly and can live up to 20 years.


The British cat breed is native to Great Britain and came to America along with the settlers. This cat breed was used throughout history to provide relief from pesky rodents that carried disease into streets and homes. They are known for their health and easy going personality. They are one of the most popular domestic cats in the world. They have a quiet and undemanding nature. They become extremely loyal companions if given the chance, showing their loyalty to entire families instead of one single person. They are sweet and affectionate, but can be independent at times as well. They can be long or short hair with an easy-to-care-for coat. Their coats can be solid or patterned, with the most common being ‘British Blue’ which is a greyish blue. These cats are not double-coated so they are easier to groom and maintain. The average female weighs 5-8 pounds and the average male weighs 7-10 pounds. The typical lifespan of the British cat breed is 14 to 20 years.


A tabby cat refers to a cat that has a distinctive coat and features including stripes, lines and dots. They usually have a mark on their forehead that resembles the letter M. Many people assume that tabby cats are a breed of cats, but they actually refer to any cat that has a distinctive coat. There are a few different breeds that make up what is commonly referred to as a tabby cat. There are five different patterns that are unique to the Tabby cat including: mackerel, classic, spotted, ticked and torbie.


Persian cats are the most popular breed of Pedigree cats in the United States. Persian cats are a breed of long-haired cats having short, rounded faces. Their name refers to Persia, where very similar looking cats are found. Selective breeding has allowed the development of a wide variety of fur colors and flat faces. There are many different kinds of Traditional Persians (Doll Face Persian) that have been bred to be a variety of kinds including; Angoras, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair and Toy Persians. They have long, thick coats, short legs, and a flattened face. They can have a variety of colors of markings including blue, tabby, and tortoise. Persian cats can be a wide variety of sizes due to breeding. They are generally good-natured and fairly passive in nature. They can be very affectionate and clean, which make them great for families or those living in small areas. It is important to make grooming a priority with this breed, as their long hair can easily become matted. They live to be approximately 12 years old, but many have health problems including breathing issues due to their shortened muzzle. This breed also has a high incidence rate (36-50%) of polycystic kidney disease

Maine CoonMaine Coon

The Maine Coon (American Longhair) is a breed of domestic cat that is known for its hunting skills. The Maine Coon breed is one of the oldest natural breeds of cats in North America. The history and origins of the Maine Coon are unknown. The Maine coon has a large rectangular body and a long flowing coat. They come in a wide variety of colors including black and brown. Their coats require minimal grooming because of their light-density undercoat. Fully grown females weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and males weigh from 15 to 25 pounds. They are very intelligent and have a gentle disposition making them well-suited for indoor living. The average lifespan of the Maine Coon is just over 12 years. There are a few health problems that are prominent in this breed including Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (heart disease) and Hip Dysplasia.


Siamese cats are very vocal and let you know what they want. They are one of the most recognized breeds of cat in the world and their roots trace back to 14 century Thailand (formerly Siam). They have distinctive blue eyes and a cream-colored torso with four darker point colors. Adult females weigh anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds and adult males weigh 9 to 14 pounds. They are very affectionate and like to be around humans or other pets for companionship. They are known to be a very healthy breed, but do have a genetic predisposition to developing amyloidosis and gingivitis. The average lifespan of an indoor Siamese cat is 10 to 12 years.


The Oriental Shorthair cat is a breed of cat that combines the body of the Siamese with a diversity of over 300 colors and patterns. Their coats come in a wide variety of patterns and colors including but not limited to white, chocolate, grey, parti-colored, tabby, and bi-colored. They have a very playful temperament and require a lot of attention. These cats do not do well with cats of another breed. They are highly intelligent and bond very closely with their caretakers. They are often very vocal and will purr easily. Indoor Oriental cats generally live between 10 and 12 years.


The Sphynx is a very unique breed of cat that was discovered in 1975 in Minnesota. Many view this breed as exotic, as it has almost no visible hair, although it is covered with a fine covering of down. It also has visible wrinkles, which are a desirable trait for this breed. Sphynx cats require regular baths to remove oils on their skin that are secreted, but not necessary to protect a fur coat. They are very loyal and devoted, making good pets to snuggle up with, if you don’t mind the lack of cuddly fur. They are known to be a very healthy breed that needs to eat a diet high in protein because of their fast metabolism. Adults are normally between 8 and 15 pounds and can live up to 15 years.