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Dogs - Accessories

When it comes to dog ownership, you need to think about all of the secondary expenses.  There are many accessories in the dog world including brushes, stain removal products, shampoos, treats, bones, toys, crates, fences, and more. Some of these accessories are more optional than others, but depending on what breed you select, some products will be more necessary than others.

Dog Grooming Accessories

All dogs will require some sort of grooming regime, with some people choose to bring their dog to a groomer, but many of them choose to do it themselves. Doing it yourself can be a great bonding time with your dog, and a much less expensive alternative to the groomer.  The grooming tools and brushes you use depend on how furry your dog is, whether it has a double coat, long hair, curly hair, or is prone to shedding.  Many owners will go with a fine-toothed wire pin brush, bristle brush, or plastic comb as the basic grooming tool. One of the best basic dog brushes that many dog owners swear by is the Pet Select Soft Touch Slicker Wire Brush. It is lightweight, durable and inexpensive. It can be purchased at many pet shops and value stores for less than ten dollars. Your vet can also help you find out which brush is the best for your dog. There are also certain techniques that can be used to help minimize shedding depending on the coat your dog has. Certain times of the season will make some dogs shed their winter coat, so extra grooming will be required during that time.

Keeping a dog shampoo at home is always a smart idea, just in case your dog gets into something he shouldn’t, or has a run-in with a skunk. These shampoos can also get rid of fleas and other pests that might be irritating your dog’s skin. If you prefer to have someone else groom your dog, there are many locations that will give your dog a wash, brush, haircut, and nail clip.

Pet Accident Products

Many dogs will experience accidents in the home occasionally, or more often if your dog is elderly or a puppy. There are many products out there that can help remove the stain and lift the odor so that the dog does not think that area is marked. If a dog smells his own scent he may to continue to go to the washroom in that same area. Some of the best products tested include Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover, GET SERIOUS! Pet Stain, Odor and Pheromone Extractor, and Pawsitively Clean by Bissel. These can all be found online or at Walmart, Petsmart and other pet merchandise retailers. It is important when cleaning up an accident to make sure that you scold the dog to let it know that it is not allowed to go to the washroom inside. It is also important to clean up the accident as soon as you notice it otherwise the smell will soak further into the soiled area.

Dog Bones and Treats

Treats and bones are also widely used for reward. Many of them provide additional nutrients that are not found in your dog’s regular diet. Many treats and bones can also improve your dog’s breath and overall oral hygiene while keeping their teeth in good shape. There are treats and bones designed for all breeds, big and small. Taking your time and reading the labeling will help you find the right one for your dog. Iams offers treats designed for all sizes of dogs at a variety of price points. You can purchase Iams treats at Walmart or at many pet stores.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are another way to keep your dog active and keep their minds stimulated. There are many different types of dog toys out there, one of the best being chew toys. These toys can quickly become your best friend if you are trying to ward off a teething puppy or a dog with a severe case of boredom. A favorite of many is the KONG toy which you can fill with either treats or peanut butter keeping the dog busy for a long time. There are also frisbees and balls which are great for playing go fetch. It is smart to invest in chew toys because chewing a stick is more likely to injure your dog.

Dog Beds

An important thing to establish right away with your dog is where it is allowed to lay down. If you do not want your dog on the couch or the bed you must be consistent so that the dog learns that is not where you want it to sleep. Setting up a dog bed can be the best way to let your dog know when it is time to rest and where you want him to do it. Dog beds can be made with a bunch of old blankets or can be purchased at a wide variety of pet retailers. It is important to keep a careful watch when your dog first uses its bed because many dogs will chew it up. Snoozer is great brand of dog beds available for all sizes of dogs. Many people use a crate for their dog to sleep in and stay in when they are away from home. These crates come in various sizes and will help prevent your dog from getting into something it shouldn’t, but remember this is a not a solution for long periods of time.

Dog Enclosures

There will most likely be areas of your home into which you do not want your dog to go, so to section that area off you can purchase baby gates or swinging doors. What your dog requires in terms of a fence depends on your schedule and how much outdoor activity you can commit to each day. Many dogs will benefit greatly from a fenced yard, a dog run, and a dog house. The expense of putting in a fence can initially seem great, but if you think about the ease of letting your dog go outside to the bathroom you will quickly see that can be worth it.  A dog run is a good alternative to those that cannot afford or do not have the space to get their entire yard fenced in. This area can also section off the area you want the dog to go to the washroom in rather than having it ruining your entire yard.

Overall there are many things to take into consideration when taking on dog ownership, the most important being your schedule and finances. Ensuring that you have selected the right products for your dog will allow for your home to be a happy and healthy environment.