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Dogs - Adoption

When searching for your new dog, there are many areas you need to research, beginning with breed. You need to make sure that you choose a breed that fits your lifestyle, especially when it comes to time concerns, the amount of space you have, your schedule and budget. Adopting a dog is a beautiful way to give a dog a fresh new start as well as gain a new family member.

Adoption Process

A great option when it comes to getting a new dog is adoption. The adoption process is fairly easy and most shelters help to ensure that you are a good fit for your new dog. You can avoid the expensive price tag of getting a purebred dog and although you might not end up with a puppy you will still get an eager-to-learn companion that is thrilled to have a new home. There are many different breeds and temperaments to be found at either a shelter or even your local vet. When adopting many places will have you go through a questionnaire about what traits you look for in a dog and will try to match you up with the one that best fits your answers. Your local vet clinic may have pets for adoption, but other better known options include your local Humane SocietyPetfinder and Adoptapet. There are also websites that rescue certain breeds either from puppy mills or other inhumane conditions. You can check if there are any rescued dogs of the breed you like by searching on the internet, just make sure to do your research so that you can make sure the organization is legitimate.

Greyhound Adoption

A popular breed to adopt is Greyhounds which are retired from racing. The Greyhound Project is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides information to connect retired racing greyhounds with owners that will care for them. There are many organizations out there will help you find the dog of your dreams, one that will be perfectly content in your home.

Possible Social Disorders with Adopted Dogs

It is important to note that many dogs you will get in a shelter or through the adoption process have a history and may be somewhat anxious about what their new home entails.  Some dogs may have social anxiety, making them nervous and skittish. This anxiety can lead to hiding, the baring of teeth, excessive shedding and accidents indoors. Keep in mind that patience is necessary and that your dog will warm up to you, but depending on their past experiences, some dogs may take longer than others. It is also to find out if the dog you are going to adopt may have guarding issues with food or territory. Some dogs are not well suited to be around children or small pets because they might nip or may be triggered by certain cues.  It is also good to establish a routine which includes bathroom breaks, a bed and times for food. This will help your dog become comfortable more quickly with its surroundings and new life. Your dog will be eager to please, but won’t get it right immediately. Allow time for an adjustment period for the dog and yourself, making sure that you set realistic targets for yourself and your dog.

When you get your new dog make sure that you take it to your local vet to talk about any issues or concerns that you may have. The vet can also help you make sure your dog has up-to-date vaccines and is spayed or neutered. The vet can suggest the best foods for your breed and how to treat any behavioral issues that may arise. It is important to make sure that you get your pet registered by micro-chipping , attaching dog tags to their collar, and registering your dog with your local city. This will help your dog be returned to you if it gets lost. It can also prevent your dog from ending up in another shelter because it was unidentified.

Adopting a dog can add a great amount of love into your life. Before you adopt, though, make sure that you have carefully researched the breed and the type of care it needs. It is also important to make sure that your schedule allows for you to spend enough time with your new pet so that it becomes comfortable in its new home. Ensure that your finances can also provide for your new pet including vaccines, food, vet bills and more. Once you have everything in place for your new pet it is time to get to know each other and build a lasting bond.