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Fish are a great way to decorate and add life to a person’s home or office. There are a wide variety of pet fish to choose from, depending on a person’s budget and space. Fish come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Most breeds of fish that are sold as pets are fairly easy to care for with minimal effort involved on behalf of the owner. Some of the most common breeds of pet fish include Goldfish, Saltwater Fish, Neon Tetra and Beta Fish. Fish are generally a very inexpensive pet to keep with the main expenses being a tank, filter, accessories and food. Fish usually are a fairly short-term commitment, but the life expectancy depends on the breed. A pet fish does not require any real handling by the owner and are fairly self-sufficient. It is important to keep a pet fish on a schedule with routine feedings and tank cleanings in order to prevent disease. Many pet stores can assist with choosing the right fish that will meet one’s specific preferences and budget.