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Corn Snake


Reptiles are cold-blooded and can bear scales or scutes. They originated over 320 million years ago, evolving from advanced reptile-like amphibians that adapted to life on dry land. There are a wide variety of reptiles available for people to keep as pets including snakes, geckos and chameleons. Reptiles should not be bought as a beginner pet because they require a great amount of care and can be fairly expensive. Reptiles require a terrarium or aquarium depending on which breed is selected. Reptiles require a very clean habitat in order to prevent disease, so it is very important to schedule regular cleanings. Many reptiles live on diets that include meal worms, crickets and other animals that are given as live feed. Reptiles may also require a heat lamp to keep them warm. It is also important to keep the humidity at the right level to keep the reptile at optimal health. When considering purchasing a reptile make sure to do thorough research about the needs of that specific reptile and the costs associated with ownership.